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Main Attractions near Hotel Cayo Largo

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Hotel Sol Cayo Largo Attractions

Champagne Oasis

The delight arrives to Sun Long Key in this place, where the vacationers will be able to enjoy the afternoon with a splendid champagne glass. Open: Every day. Schedule: 18:30 at the 20:00 hours.

Populate Tour

The guests will be able to enjoy trips in bus to the town 'Island of the Sun.' It visits to the school, the Clinic, Marina and the Farm of Turtles.

Snorkeling Tour

The guests will be able to enjoy the marine beautiful funds of one of the coralline most beautiful and varied barriers in Caribbean. Class Included.

Eco - tour

Ecological path so that the guests can know more than Cayo Largo autochthonous flora and exotic fauna. It visits to the "Llana" tree, with more than half millennium of existence.

Fishing - tour

Entertained trip in company of the monitors of the Hotel and fishing competition with prize for the winners, in the beaches of this beautiful installation. Open: 7 days of the week. Schedule: 09:00am - 18:00pm.


Hotel Sol Cayo Largo DivingHotel Sol Cayo Tortugue

Diving Center

Cayo Largo has an entire marine world to offer to its visitors. They will accompany them in their first introduction class in the pool and later to submerge from the Center of Diving that is to only 7 minutes of the hotel, with diving programs that include a simple immersion, double sessions of immersion and packages of different numbers of immersions, in those more than 40 immersion points in one of the coralline most beautiful and varied barriers in Caribbean.

They will also have specialized personnel and instructors of credited diving SSI, PADI and CMAS and of specialized crafts with all the conditions. Open: Every day. Schedule: 09:00 at the 18:00 hours.

Hotel Sol Cayo Largo ShipHotel Sol Cayo Iguana


Transfer to virgin beaches

The Hotel Sol Cayo Largo offers its guests a gratuitous service to take to the virgin and beautiful beaches as Beach Paradise. Trips in ship like those of Iguana Key, the Fifth Channel and the marine most incredible funds, or to the point of exit of Marina. The vacationers can request the picnics gratuitously for the trips. Beach Paradise: Ida 9:00, 10:30 and 11:30 hours. I return 13:30, 15:30 and 17:00 hours. Marina: Ida 9:00 and 10:30 hours Return 15:15 hours and 17:15 hours. Open: Every day. Schedule: 09:00 at the 17:15 hours.

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